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Secret To Better Oral Health

A History of Dental Health Challenges(In recent years, oral health has become an important issue of global health concern)

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A lot of factors can contribute to weak or sensitive teeth, and not all of them have to do with poor oral hygiene. Whitening treatments containing ingredients like peroxide are a major contributor to tooth sensitivity and weak enamel.

It’s a known fact that plaque buildup and poor oral hygiene can lead to infections in the mouth and throughout the body. And it’s not your fault that some areas of your teeth are harder to keep clean than others.

We want to shed light on some aspects of mouthwash that might be overlooked, and some facts that have been shared that are just plain wrong. Knowing your mouthwash better and what it can and can't do can only help benefit your oral health routine.

You know my secret, and you know my absolute favorite tool on the market!

👉YOUNGDO DIY Mode Portable Oral Irrigator

the YOUNGDO Fixed Oral Douche has a BIGGER water tank (800ml tank filling--do not need to add water frequently)and STRENGTHER jet (Max 1800 pulses/minute). Therefore, Flosser water can clean stubborn stains and deep tooth spaces more effectively and has a longer non-stop cleaning time.

That’s why using a 👉YOUNGDO  UV disinfection  Mouth Shower  is so important. It gets into all those hard-to-reach areas and flushes out the plaque and debris with the pulsating stream of water. This is especially important if you have dental work like implants, bridges, crowns, and veneers because they tend to attract and trap more bacteria and are even harder to keep clean.

I also love this tool because it’s so simple to use. I know that as I’m using it, I’m not only cleaning the front surfaces of my teeth, but also down underneath my gums and in between my teeth where food gets stuck and plaque builds up.

An Investment in Better Oral Health

As we all know, the YOUNGDO UV disinfection Mouth Shower is one of the best tools you can invest in for your teeth. Not only will it help keep your teeth free of decay, it will also help lower your dental bills! When you don’t have to fill cavities or redo fillings, crowns, bridges, or veneers because you’re keeping your teeth clean, you will be glad you chose the YOUNGDO UV disinfection Mouth Shower.