FAQ-Body Scale

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Q:Who should not use this product?

A:If you have osteoporosis, you should not use this product. If you have a pacemaker, artificial lungs, portable ECG monitor,or any other such medical device, avoid using this product.

Q:Who should pay special attention when using this product?

A:Children and adolescents under the age of 18: Individuals under 18 take in relatively more nutrition and develop relatively fast. Currently, there is no standard evaluation system for body data for individuals under

Indicator type

Effective age

Body weight

Effective at any age

BMI( BMI (body mass index)

≥4years old

Body fat percentage

≥18 years old

Body water percentage

≥18 years old

Subcutaneous fat

≥18 years old

Basal metabolic rate

≥18 years old

Fat free mass

≥18 years old

Visceral fat grade

≥18 years old

Skeletal muscle percentage

≥18 years old

Muscle mass

≥18 years old

Bone mass

≥18 years old


≥18 years old

Physical age

≥18 years old

  • Those who are pregnant: As the body makes preparations for gestation, it becomes a challenge to gather accurate values for metrics such as fat percentage. During this time, it is suggested that only weight is
  • Professional bodybuilders: The target for this product is the general population. Bodybuilders incur special body muscle and fat percentages, so this product may not match measurements as made with specialized instruments or medical equipment. We recommend such users to pay attention to a long-term change in data, rather than measurement values in themselves.

    Q:About the Battery

    A:1.Recharge the battery as soon as possible when the scale displays “LO".[LO] indicates 20% of battery life remaining. The scale can still function but will stop working at some point. If the battery completely runs out, it can be presently damaged and will not charge at all.
    2.If the red charging light does not display when charging, try to wait for 15 minutes. The light may eventually display or the battery may be damaged.
    3.Excessive heat may damage the battery. Avoid using and storing the scale in high temperature places.
    4.Do not use while charging.
    5.Do not try to keep charging after it is fullycharged.
    6.Bluetooth scales transmit a signal to sync with your phone;thus most Bluetooth scales will consume more battery power than basic scales.

    Q:Can I use this smart scale without connecting to an app?

    A:Without the app, the scale only dispays weight measurements,and you wouldn't have access to body composition information such as body fat, body water, skeletal muscle.Using the app also means that you keep a record of your body data every time you step on the scale. With the app, data can be stored in a cloud server so that it is available to you even as you use other mobile devices. The app that works with this scale is called Scale up. Download it for free from the IOS App Store or GooglePlay. Within the app, you can create multiple users to help you maintain records for each family member. The cloud storage makes viewing all these records very conveniently.

    Q:Why does the app need my height, age, and other private information when I first sign in? Will this be kept private?

    A:The BIA bioelectric measuring technique requires 3 pieces of information: height, age and gender. With this data, the scale calculates your fat percentage by combining the provided data plus the body impedance measurement picked up by the scale. Without this data, you can only get basic weight measurements, and the smart scale will not be able to give you a complete analysis. We will keep your personal information private. The information is only used for the fat percentage algorithm application and no other purposes.

    Q:What should I do if the scale is not displaying the data, or if it displays something unusual?

    A:There are several possibilities:

    1)LED not displaying: Check that the battery still has power by reinstalling the battery. If the LED display still does not work, try putting in a new battery.

    2)LED displays LO (LOW BATTERY): Check to see that the battery is correctly installed, and make sure the battery still has power. Reinstall the battery, and if the LO display still appears, replace the battery with a new one.

    3)LED displays ERR (ERROR): If only temporary, maybe it is calibrated by the scale itself. If for long time, the scale sensor may have been overloaded or even damaged Avoid exceeding measurements of 396 lbs (180 kg) when using this scale.

      Q:How do I switch between units (i.e., lb and kg) on the scale display?

      A:Switch between units in the Settings menu in your app. After choosing the unit you want, reconnect the app to the scale by stepping on the scale. The latest weight unit configuration will be updated.


      Weight unit

      Q:Why do I need to turn on GPS for Android phones?

      A:Android phone 6.0+ requires enabling location in order to use Bluetooth . The Android operating system requires it to search and sync with Bluetooth devices.

      Caution: BLE scanning requires your permission to enable location because BLE scanning identifies objects that could be used for geolocation. Turning off location will disable Bluetooth.

      Q:How is a proper measurement obtained?

      A:1).Open the app.

      2).To measure, remove the shoes and socks, and make sure both feet are on the electrode plates on either side. Try not to move too much during measurement.

      3).The scale first measures weight, then fat and other components. When obtaining measurement, scale and app responses are asfollows:
      a. A weight of 50.00 kg will show on the display and then flash as“50.00 kg” on the display 2 to 3 times. A“0”will then appear, moving left to right one time until the final display,“50.00 kg," appears again and remains on screen for about 10 seconds before shutting off.
      b. In the app, the measured weight will flash until measurement is complete. A sound will also indicate its completion, and all body data will appear. (Sound settingscan be changed in the Settings menu.)

      4)To obtain another measurement, wait a few seconds after the current LED display disappears. If you step back onto the scale too quickly, the scale may not  register.

      Q:How exactly is my body fat being measured?

      A:-SCALE UP Body Fat Scale uses a measurement method known as Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA).

      -A small current is sent through your body, via your feet and legs. This current flows easily through the lean muscular tissue which has a high fluid content, but not easily through fat which has a lower fluid content. In this way, the bio-impedance (ie. resistance to the current) is used to estimate body fat and body water.

      -The electrical current is small and may not be felt. Contact with the body is made via metal electrodes on the platform of the scale.

      -SCALE UP scales use bio-electrical impedance analysis(BIA) technology to offer you the data. And the data obtained by BIA bioelectric measurement is closely related to the following parameters: body impedance coefficient /height/weight/age/gender. Currently there are several popular methods other than BIA for measuring fat percentage. The two methods widely considered the “gold standard" are weighing in water and DEXA (Dual Energy X-ray Absorption method). However, even these two methods also often present discrepancies.

      That's because fat is a special and complex tissue in the human body. It includes subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, and others, and is widely present in various parts of the body. The best thing that users can do is not be concerned about difference of values between different devices, but rather focus on relative changes of value measured by the same device over long periods of time.

      Q:What can I do to get the best measurements and avoid scale errors?

      A:Place the scale on a hard/ flat surface and step on the scale with bare feet. The display will then turn on.


      ----Check your profile information (gender, age and height). Make sure your information is accurate.
      ----Ensure your scale is on a hard/flat surface. Some surfaces seem flat but actual not. Try a few different hard surfaces.
      ----Check the legs of the scale before you measure. If not balanced, the data won't be accurate.
      ----Make sure that '0.00’are shown on the display before each use.
      ----Step on with bare feet, with each foot touching both the top and bottom
      ----Stand on the scale firmly. Do not shake your body when weighing.
      ----Take your measurements at the same time each day to ensure the most accurate 

      Q:If the scale isn't detecting body fat and other data:

      A:First, reboot the scale. If you have the rechargeable model, press the “Reset" button at the back of scale for 5 seconds. For the model using AAA batteries, take one battery out for 5 seconds and put it back in.

      1. Make sure your feet are
      2. Stand firmly on the scale with feet apart, facing the LED digital
      3. Wait about 15s for the weighing process to
      4. Try applying moisturizer to your feet and measure
      5. Ask another person to step on the scale and see if the body fat data works for

      Q:Why is my fat percentage data different from the data from other scales? Why are fat percentage measurements generally inconsistent? How does long term observation help in obtaining accurate at percentage measurements?

      A:Fat is a special and complex tissue in the human body. It includes subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, and others, and is widely present in various parts of the body. Currently there are several popular methods for measuring fat percentage: DEXA, BIA, etc. Different measurement methods have their own unique algorithms and produce different results. So far, methods for weighing in water and DEXA (Dual Energy X-ray Absorption method) are called the “gold standard. However, repeat test results with these gold standards also present discrepancies. Therefore, with body component analyses, no instrument can give absolute and correct answers. Household body fat scale manufacturers mostly use the BIA measurement method, but results are also different due to different algorithms. The best thing that users can do is not be concerned about difference of values between different devices, but rather focus on relative changes of value measured by the same device over long periods of time. Sticking with the same assessment system will likely yield a better overall picture of a person's health status. Again, we must stress that relative changes of value is more meaningful than absolute value of a single measurement.

      Q:Why would the sum be more than 100% when all measured components are added up?

      A:In the chemical structure of the human body, the main components include fat tissue, water, protein, and inorganic tissue. Fat tissue is mainly comprised of fat and water,wherein water accounts for about 25% of total fat tissue. Muscle tssue is mainly comprised of protein and water,wherein water accounts for about 70% of total muscle tissue. This body fat scale measures contents of fat tissue, muscle tissue, water, bone, and other major tissues in the human body. Due to various tissues containing certain proportions of water, the sum exceeds 100% when all the measured components are added up.

      Q: How to use the APP function?


      Q:How do I connect the scale to the app?

      A:Open the app. Make sure the Bluetooth function is on. Enter the measurement interface. Step on the scale to turn on its display. The scale will weighing immediately.


       Q:Can't Open Normally the Solution of Bluetooth

      A:Please try the below steps:

      1).Reset the scale:

        If you are using the model with removable batteries, you can reset the scale by taking out one battery for 5 seconds and putting it back in. If you are using the rechargeable model, press the reset button on the back of the scale for 5 seconds.

        2).Reset the Bluetoothconnection

          Ensure Bluetooth and GPS(Android only ) are enabled on your phone > Open the SCALE UP app > the phone and the scale will match automatically.


          --Download the correct SCALE UP app which is free at the App Store and Google Play.
          --SCALE UP App works with Bluetooth 4.1 and supports Android 4.3 and IOS 8.0 or above. 

          --Three ways to confirm that the scale is connected to yourphone:

          1. Bluetooth icon appears in the APP in the main
          2. Bluetooth icon appears on the scale LEDscreen
          3. The weight displayed in the APP will exactly match the weight displayed on the scale's LED screen in real

          If none of the above steps resolves your connectivity issues, please share your app account to support team.(sales@taiza.cn). We will pass your issue to our tech team to further diagnose the problem.

          Q:How much weight is needed to activate the scale?

          A:At least 4kg is needed to turn on the scale. You can just step with one foot to turn on the scale.

          Q:How can I add multiple users?

          A:1)Tap on the "My Account" icon (lower right corner of mainscreen).

          2)Tap on the " Member" icon. A prompt will appear. Select "New". The new user will need to fill in his/her name and personal info.
          3)Measurement users do not need to register but must fill in required body data.
          4)After adding a measured user, you can select the user from the list of users and view the measured data.

          Q:How do I modify my gender, age, or height?

          A:1)Click the “me" icon (lower right corner of main screen).

          2)Tap on the user profile picture at the top.
          3)In the profile editing screen, you can tap and modify data.

          4)Once you're done, tap "Complete.'

          Q:How can I connect the app to Apple Health?

          A:1)Click the “me" icon (lower right corner of main screen).

          2)Click “Authorized apple health” and then authorize if you need

          3)Open the "Health" app on your iPhone to open or close the relative index.

          Q:How do I view my data history? Can I delete some of the data?

          A:1)Tap on the "Trend" icon (upper right of main screen).

          2)Click the corresponding day(or week or month) in the chart that the data need to be deleted to enter the interface of the historical data. Click “Edit” in the upper right corner to delete the data, please refer below photos

          IOS8 and above systems may cause App communication failure due to carrier network problem.
          You can try the following steps to fix the problem:
          1)Restart the carrier network or WiFi
          2)Restart your cell phone