FAQ-Essential Oil Diffuser

For other questions, you can ask us directly at service@youngdo.com.cn. All emails would be replied in 24 hours, no exception.

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Q: Can't play music/ Music can't run through by APP?
A :
The aroma diffuser is controlled by connect bluetooth with APP,however, if you want to play music,need to connect bluetooth of phone system.You can find the "Youngdo_Music" in your phone bluetooth and to connect, then you can go to app to play music.

Q: Can't connect to APP?
A :1.Please confirm whether the aroma diffuser has been connected to other device;
2.Unplug and disconnect the power for three minutes and then try to connect to the APP again;
3.If the mobile phone is too far away from the product (more than 10 meters) or there is interference, it will affect the Bluetooth connection. At this time, please get close to the device before connecting;
4.It will take a bit time to connect to the device for the first time, please be patient.

 Q:I bought it a month ago and suddenly it doesn't work?
A :Please check whether there is water in the vent beside the water level line. If there is water in the vent that makes it unable to work, please put the product in a dry and ventilated place and use it after one or two days.

Q:There is noise after plugging in the power?
A :Two beeps will sound when the power is connected, and the noise may be caused by signal interference when the Bluetooth is connected. Keep away from the signal interference source at home (wireless router, microwave oven, etc.) ,and keep the product and connected devices in the same room.

Q :The product cannot be powered on or cannot be used normally after powering on?
A :1.Please confirm whether you can hear the 'beep' sound after powering on.If there is 'beep' sound which means that the product has been powered on,please add water before using it.If there is no 'beep' sound,the power supply may be damaged or the voltage may be abnormal. In this case, please find customer service to replace the product free of charge;
2. If the water level of the product is too low, it will shut down automatically. Please confirm whether the water level is normal.

Q:There is no power adapter in package/The product leaks after filling with water?
A :Please contact us by service@youngdo.com.cn.  for further after-sales service,we offer return or replacement service.