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Excellent flosser with good manufacturer's support

The Youngdo flosser is lightweight with a good capacity water reservoir which is easily twisted off for thorough cleaning. The rechargeable battery (charged via a USB cable) allows the flosser to operate for weeks without needing recharging. It has two operating buttons, the top one switches on/off and needs to be pressed for about half a second before the flosser responds, thereby avoiding any accidental switching on or off. The bottom mode button controls the pressure – normal, soft, pulse and diy. The latter function starts the flosser gently and continued depression of the button increases the force of the water. Releasing the button keeps the selected water pressure and this is remembered for the next time.

I have used the Youngdo flosser after manual tape flossing and electric brushing yet the flosser still finds and removes food debris left behind. I also have a broken tooth (which during lockdown cannot be repaired) and which attracts food particles. These are removed effectively and without discomfort by the flosser.

I had initial concerns that replacement Youngdo jet tips were not available yet it was recommended that the jets were replaced every three months. Youngdo have emailed that replacement jet tips will be available from August 2020 and have sent me sufficient supplies to last until then.

The Youngdo flosser is in my opinion an excellent contributor to good oral hygiene and the response from the manufacturer has been first class.